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Rio Carnival Guide

The Rio Carnival is one of the biggest street parties in the world, with over 500,00 visitors from around the world flocking to join the 4 days of festivities. Occurring 40 days before Easter and officially starting on Saturday and finishing on Tuesday, the celebrations are considered to be an act of farewell to human pleasures in the run up to Ash Wednesday. It was the Portuguese who first brought the idea of the carnival to Rio at the end of the 19th Carnival in Rio de Janeirocentury and from this concept influences from Africa and Latin America found their way into the celebrations that make up the modern day carnival.

It is a chance for visitors and audiences all over the world to see and learn the cultures of Brazil and its people, with the carnivals being a very important aspect of their lives. It’s a joyous event, full of colour, music, dancing, singing and partying giving a total sensory overload. The festivities begin with the Fat King, or King Momo being crowned and the city’s mayor presenting him with a giant gold and silver key. From then on its various parties happening all day and night, throughout the cities bars, clubs squares and other venues throughout Rio de Janeiro.

The culmination of the carnival is the Rio Carnival Parade, which is also known as the Samba Parade. Samba is pretty much the only music played throughout the carnival, and has very important place in Brazilian history having originated in Rio de Janeiro through the poor Afro-Brazilians between the 17th and 19th centuries.

When: February annually.

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