RIO Brazil

Events Guide - Rio de Janeiro

There are literally hundreds of events worth attending in Rio de Janeiro every year and these range from international exhibitions, trade fairs, major sporting events and festivals. Below a look at some of the main annual Rio events.

Rio Marathon

One of the most scenic and interesting marathon runs in the world, Rio marathon is one of those marathons you have to run once. If not, then it is still quite an event to see whilst in Rio.

Jazz in Rio

Rio jazz Festival is a must if you are a music lover and want to experience the real vibrancy and World Cup fanspassion that Brazilians have for music.

Football World Cup

The football World Cup (soccer) is one of the biggest events on the planet and takes place in Brazil in 2014. More on the 2014 World Cup in Brazil (including in Rio).

2016 Olympics

Along with the World Cup, the Olympics bring together countries from around the world and the Rio 2016 Olympics in Brazil will be another great reason to visit these lands.

Carnival Time

Rio Carnival is one of the most famous carnivals worldwide and this event attracts worldwide media attention each year. This is an event well worthwhile attending if you ever have the opportunity.

Rock in Rio Music Festival

If you thought Glastonbury Music Festival in the UK is big, the Rock in Rio Music festival will blow you away. This show rotates between being held in Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon, Portugal.

World Youth Day

World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro sees the world youth represented with the event being held in Brazil.